Number Three on Amazon for Children’s Superhero Books – And Why My Book is Slightly Pricey!

The Gamer Gogs was ranked number three in children’s superhero books back in the fall. Now, it’s holding steady and has done well at book fairs. However, the more support received, the more writing I can do. Sometimes people click on the link and wonder why my book is $15. Yes, if I may wax marketing, It is a very nice addition, 6″x 8″ with thick paper – not a mass-market paperback. But beyond its quality, an independent endeavor always cost a little more. The same way people shop when possible at a smaller store for quality items as compared to a big box store. My intent is not to make money on my book, except what’s needed to allow me to continue. Your purchase makes a huge difference! And your positive review on Amazon is a beacon to the world saying, “Give this a try!” This is not a product, it’s a movement. Please join me. I cannot thank you enough.

Be Solo

The vitality of a new movement in art must be gauged by the fury it arouses.
— Logan Pearsall Smith

No, not Han Solo. Though that would be cool. Okay. Be Han, but in so doing BE YOURSELF. Find inspiration where you will but when it comes to your creations be your own compass, a self innovator. 

The Witch’s Boy

I just finished reading this book by Kelly Barnhill. This book is a wonderful combination of magic, loss, coming of age and friendship. It’s a tale of two lonely kids taking on elements far greater than themselves and finding each other in the journey. Barnhill weaves the plot slowly with touching detail paid to how children grow through pain, wonder and adventure. Oh, there’s also magic and bandits and giant rock monsters. A read for the adventurer and thinker!

Greenglass House by Kate Milford

This book is a retreat; a perfect winter break read. Atmospheric as a very vivid, very real dream you can almost touch. Though I had to wade a bit through parts, the world was so lovely, so oddly embraceable yet hinting at strange, that I fell in. The characters seep into your affection rather than slap you in the face with easy quirks and broad strokes, and when finished it’s apparent that Ms. Milford accomplished her task fully creating a real world magical escape.

Some Favorite Reads

Trying to squeeze in as many reads as possible is my goal, and is challenging with all going on. Here are my favorites. in 2014 I started and am still reading, Greenglass House by Kate Milford. I imagine it would also be on this list. A perfect holiday break read. Here are some others:

Both of Jonathan Auxier’s books: The Night Gardener and Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes. Also the legendary The Dark is Rising sequence by Susan Cooper. Worse Things Happen at Sea is the follow up to Alan Snow’s Here Be Monsters. Both these books are wonderfully innocent, whimsical reads. Also, and most notably if you’re into the genre, The Monster Blood Tattoo Trilogy by D.M. Cornish. Yes, all these reads are middle grade and YA!


Eva Ibbotson

Upon recommendation of a librarian friend, I just completed two of Ms. Ibbotson’s books: The Abominables (Read with my daughters), and The Ogre of Oglefort. Ms. Ibbotson just passed last year, and reading her touching, heartfelt tales of accessible whimsy I am glad to have finally discovered her, and sad for her artistic loss. However, she was prolific in her career. An author of well over 30 books, she was a proponent of adventures, insisting children get them in their blood early. I aspire to her innocence of story, filled with other-worldly but accessible and emotionally real characters. Her imagination and heart alone, not to mention her broad story base, are alone worth reading her works to children.Eva-Ibbotson-007

Two Favorite New Authors: Jonathan Auxier and D. M. Cornish

peter_nimble-600x250Okay, one of these authors definitely leans toward young adult as opposed to middle grade, but shimmy your slim slam to a book store and get your hands on these authors’ works.


Jonathan Auxier is an author gaining notoriety as an instant master with his two novels: Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes (his debut), and The Night Gardener. Both very different, both very fantastical, the latter spooky and the former sweet and outlandish. Read them, read them. That’s all I’m going to say.



foundlingD. M. Cornish is an Australian author whom I simply cannot believe isn’t more know for his incredibly and deeply developed, far-reaching and completely engaging Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy: Foundling, Lamplighter, and Factotum. These novels weave a near-completely unique world smacking of steam punk and the Napoleonic era, where monsters and humans live a competitive existence, each infringing on each other’s lands. Young ones are recruited into service as lamplighters who light the far-stretching roads, protecting travelers from wandering beasts. Add in Jedi-esque lone warrior women composed of strange transplanted organs kept fit though draughts of strange brews and Cornish creates an entirely delightful, detailed, epic story that should be on everyone’s tongue far before the names of many cookie-cutter YA fantasy authors. Again, these books probably start at a 13 year-old audience, and carry well into entertaining adults…43 year-old adults, even.